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Coyote Hunting Tactics & Tips

Coyote hunting is fun and there are many different ways to hunt coyotes. Coyote hunting tactics will vary from one hunter to another, but only insofar as slight variations of the different techniques. So if you are a beginner or a more experienced hunter here are some techniques which will help you to save a lot of wasted time and effort. Some of these hunting tactics are specifically designed for the coyote to take advantage of some of its natural traits, other tips can be used as hunting tactics for many different animals.

The first hunting tactic, and I believe the most fun to use, is to try and call them to you. This involves imitating the coyote in order to lure him out of his den or hiding place. The calls should imitate female mating calls, male aggressive territorial calls, danger calls, etc, essentially this is where the coyotes are talking to each other and you are trying to get any coyote that is close by to think that you are also a coyote. The calls can also imitate injured or dying animals. Learning how to do these calls is a relatively simple task. You can purchase many different types of callers, either mouth blown or electronic blown. You can also buy CDs or MP3s with the sounds of real animals in distress. Using these, you can practice your own calls, trying to perfect them as you go. If you can convince the coyote that you are an animal in distress this is all that matters. A coyote will find it very hard to resist these sounds.

But before you can call the coyotes out, you first must scout the location, set yourself up, and make sure that there are coyotes in the location, there’s no point wasting your time in an area in which there are no coyotes. Scouting means searching for any coyote tracks and droppings that will show signs of recent coyote activity. If there are regular sightings of coyotes in an area, you should scout in that area first. Ask the landowners, they will not only give you as much help as possible because of the threat that the coyote means to his livestock, they are also in the best position for telling you about any signs of coyote activity because they will know their own land. If there is plenty of coyote food in the area, rabbits, deer, mice, etc, you are sure to find coyotes for hunting.

Now you have to get yourself set up. Where you place yourself for calling is absolutely vital to a good hunt. Make sure that you are downwind because the coyote has a terrific sense of smell. Sometimes the coyote will circle around so you should have a partner with you who can scan specifically for this. Make sure the sun is at your back as well, this will make it much more difficult for the coyote to see you. If you can position yourself in the shade of trees or bushes, and you are wearing camouflage gear, you should be in a prime position. The main thing is the wind, if this is not blowing in the right direction you should call off the hunt.

By keeping these coyote hunting tips in mind you will stand a much better chance of having a successful hunt.