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Coyote Hunting Dogs — The Best Breeds

The use of coyote hunting dogs is only a relatively recent trend. The domesticated dog has a knack of attracting the coyote, or indeed other wild dogs, and luring them back to the Hunter. Hunting dogs have been bred over the years to achieve various skills. There are dogs that are bred for visible acuity and speed, others are bred primarily for scent. Others, such as retrievers, are bred to be able to work under the sound of gunfire, follow the specific commands of the Hunter, and as their name suggests retrieve the downed prey. Which are the best breeds for the use in coyote hunting? Following are three examples of coyote hunting�s best breeds.

The Walker hound is descended from the English foxhound. They are between 20 and 28 inches tall at the shoulder blades and weigh approximately 50 to 70 pounds. They are well tempered and, like most hounds, are very difficult to bring into aggression. They are an extremely intelligent dog but can be oblivious to any commands while trailing a scent. When you are searching out one of these hounds, make sure they come from a long line of outstanding hunters who have been specifically bred to track down and kill coyotes. These Walker Coyote hounds can be excellent cold trailers, even on snow.

Greyhounds are one of the best hunting dogs for coyote. This is because of the pure natural speed that they possess. Hunting in packs, these dogs can chase down the coyote at almost 50 miles an hour, and in some cases a single heavy greyhounds can catch and finish off the coyote before the rest of the pack arrives. This breed is also very gentle and can become very attached to their masters. A male can reach the hate of about 28 inches and can weigh up to 75 pounds. The light muscular build of a greyhound, is the key to its speed, and it has the largest heart of any breed. These dogs are sprinters, but they are often referred to as the “45 mile per hour couch potatoes”

Another breed for coyote hunting is the staghound. The American staghound is mostly used for hunting stag, but they show massive hunting capabilities when it comes to the coyote. This dog can reach a height of 30 inches and a weight of over 100 pounds. It is a mix between a Scottish deer hound and a greyhound. They have been bred for one purpose … hunting. They will instinctively go after something that moves, but particularly an animal which will fight back, such as the coyote. They have often been used in the past for hunting wolves and bobcats. But, they are not great trailers, they tend to follow only on sight. However, if they are in a pack with good scent dogs they will follow along with the others. It is not uncommon for a staghound pup which has been raised with trail hounds to learn the ability to of tracking a coyote with as much passion as any other hound.

These are three of the best coyote hunters. Others include the Blackmouth Cur and the Rhodesian Ridgeback. When hunting for coyotes, it is much better to have your dogs as large as possible, and it is best to have three or four dogs in the pack. It takes a strong breed to stand up to the requirements of being an effective coyote hunting dog.