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How to Hunt Coyotes

There is a real thrill in heading out to the wilderness in search of the chase. How to hunt coyotes is not very difficult if you have the correct mindset, some good techniques, a steady hand, and a bit of good fortune. The coyote is an exceptional animal. It is very intelligent so you will find it very difficult to outwit him. Hunting for coyotes takes stamina, patience, and skill, but if done properly it can offer you one of the richest thrills that you will ever get.

Before you even think about how to hunt a coyote, you have two make sure that you have the right equipment. So, your equipment list is obviously going to start with the type of rifle you are going to hunt with. Now, the coyote is not a huge animal, so unless you want to completely destroy any trace that the coyote was ever in front of you, you don’t really need to use a large caliber rifle. Having said that, what is the best caliber of rifle to use for coyote hunting?

Most coyote hunters will not use anything larger than a 223 caliber rifle. This will take down any animal in the size range of a coyote without destroying its pelt. Another factor that you have to decide upon is the size of rifle scope that you’re going to use. Most coyote hunting will require that you are within about 100 – 200 yards of the prey, so your telescopic sight does not need to be of exceptional quality. And, when it comes to bullets, these should rapidly disintegrate when they impact, a hunting grade hollow point will usually do the trick. This will eliminate ricochets and minimize pelt damage. Once you have your rifle, you should purchase some camouflage clothing which will blend into the environment where you intend hunting. This is also very important because if the coyote spots you and recognizes you as a human being, he will take off into the sunset and you will never see him again. Oh, and never wear anything that gives you an odor, coyotes noses are very sensitive and they will spot you from a good distance away, actually before they can even see you.

You have all your equipment and you�re heading out on the coyote hunt. You need to select your setting very carefully. First, scout the area looking for any signs of coyote activity. This will maybe show up as coyote footprints or coyote droppings. Once you have established that there are animals in the vicinity, you can set yourself up. Make sure first of all that you are downwind of the coyote, again this is trying to deal with that coyote sense of smell. Setting yourself up with the wind coming directly at you or even better as a crosswind, is the most advantageous for you.

You can now use the various calling techniques and calls that we will discuss in a future article to try and entice the animal from its den and into the open. Train yourself to keep low and quiet at all times. There is nothing as disappointing as waiting for hours on end for the coyote to show up, only to scare him away at the last moment with a sudden movement.